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Here you can write your inner for the upcoming Pakistan→General Election 2013
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By :Javed Akhtar

The composition of the National Assembly is specified in Article 51 of the Constitution of Pakistan. There are a total of 342 seats in the National Assembly. Of these, 272 are filled by direct elections. In addition, the Pakistani Constitution reserves 10 seats for religious minorities and 60 seats for women, to be filled by proportional representation among parties with more than 5% of the vote. As of 2006, there are 72 women members in the Assembly.
Members of the National Assembly are elected by the people in competitive multi-party elections, to be held at most five years apart. According to Article 62 of the Constitution, candidates must be citizens of Pakistan and not less than eighteen years of age. [1]

By :Ghulam Rasool

A meeting of the Election Commission of Pakistan under the Chairmanship of Mr. Justice (R) Riaz Kayani, Hon’ble Member, Election Commission was held today on 5th August 2011 with NADRA authorities. Mr. Justice ® Shahzad Akbar and Mr. Justice ® Fazal-ur-Rehman were also present. The Chairman NADRA, Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem informed about printing of draft Electoral Rolls by NADRA to be used for country wide door to door verification exercise and its delivery at district level. He also highlighted some practical problems which hindered the gigantic task of printing of more than 80 million voters and delivery of Draft Electoral Rolls in time and requested for extension of timeline earlier decided by the Election Commission. [2]

By :Yasir Alam

The Pakistan Election Commission has allowed 14 new political parties to contest the next general elections. However, the election commission did not discuss the application filed by former president Pervez Musharraf for registration of his party, the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), a newspaper reported. [3]

By :Abdul karim bhutto

Nawaz Sharif be replaced by Imran Khan in 2013 Election
He is in politics since 1985 when elected the chief Minister of Punjab. Although he was brought by the then ISI but soon he made his place in politics and became the prime minister of Pakistan twice. Even than he was declared defaulted by more than 5 banks for more than 4000 millions rupees (net amount) loan that he did not return yet. The only factor that support him is that he belongs to the most strengthen province the Punjab.
In 2008 election, he changed many times his statement regarding participation in election and showed an abnormality in his attitude. Some time he said, "he is participating" but after an hour he changed his statement and said, "he is not participating". After the election he joined the govt. The law and orders conditions were at worst as now it is. Taliban were in touch to Islamabad. He left the govt and sat on opposition benches in National Assembly mean he left the nation alone to suffer both the govt and the Taliban.The matured people of Pakistan think he was afraid of the conditions thats why he left the govt to save his good name. But he is also a coalition partner of PPP in Punjab govt.
In sugar crisis he got 1st position and his brother got 5th. On other hand Imran Khan also belongs to Punjab and shows a very matured and courageous attitude on all national issues and made big place in hearts of people.Imran Khan achieved Shaukat Khanan Cancer Hospital Lahore and Namal College Mianwali with the help of Pakistani nation.
Imran Khan is welcomed by the people of Pakistan every where and will be accepted as an alternative of Nawaz Sharif in near future.

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